You can book a place on one of Höntsy’s games in the Digitalbooker system at

The system also works in English and it’s pretty easy to use. By booking places you agree to our rules:

If you don’t show up at least 5 minutes before the game, your booked place can be given to someone else.
If you want to cancel, do so at least 3 hours before the event (if not otherwise specified). If you don’t show up and don’t cancel a fine will be charged, priced like a single ticket.

Booking is optional. You can just show up, but then you take the risk that the game is full. Booking closes 1 hour before the event – after that you can ask us if there’s still room or just risk it and show up. If you go to Höntsy often you will know what the games most likely to be full are.

When booking, you will not see how many others have booked a place or who they are, or even the maximum number. The maximum numbers for games have been stable for a long time now. There’s also a minimum number and a deadline: if we don’t get enough bookings 2 hours before the game, it will be cancelled. This way you can always be sure when booking that there will be a proper game.