You can book a place on one of Höntsy’s games on Hobbydeed.com following the rules & guidelines on this page. 

Short rules:

We use Hobbydeed.com as our booking system. They have a platform in English.
If you don’t show up at least 5 minutes before the game, your booked place can be given to someone else.
If you want to cancel, do so at least 3 hours before the event (if not otherwise specified). If you don’t show up and don’t cancel a fine will be charged, priced like a single ticket.

Booking is optional. You can just show up, but then you take the risk that the game is full. Booking closes 1 hour before the event, and also after that you can see in Hobbydeed if it was full (red triangle with exclamation mark) or if booking just has been closed (red clock).

Directions for booking

Search a group named “Höntsy kaikille avoimet palloiluvuorot (Oy Höntsy Ab)” and join it. You will need to confirm you agree to our rules and enter your name.

In order to book places, you need to have an account at Hobbydeed.com. Setting up an account is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Go to www.hobbydeed.com (choose English from upper right corner if you did not get it directly) and choose “register”. (If you already have an account, on Hobbydeed or its predecessor Osallistujat.com you can log in using that info and go to point 3).

2. Fill in your basic info, you will be logged in directly. Remember your password, also remember to verify your e-mail at some point.

3. Finally, you have to join Höntsy’s “team”. Click “groups” and “join an existing group/team” They ask for a part of tea

Click the gray “are you in”, on a phone it may just be a gray ball.

m’s name, write “höntsy”. The whole name of the team is “Höntsy kaikille avoimet palloiluvuorot (Oy Höntsy Ab)” – click it. You will be asked to give your “name in this team” – give your real name (other players won’t see it, only staff members at Höntsy). Then click “join”, no password or approval is needed.

4. Now you are able to see Höntsy’s timetable in upcoming events when you click “events” (the games are in Finnish, but that should not be too hard to interpret). Choose the game you want, press the gray “minus” sign, and choose the green sign to book a place. If you want to cancel, you just do the same thing but click the red sign. When you have booked a place, you see a green sign next to the event you have booked in. If you have cancelled, you see a red sign.

Then you are able to book a place (green ball) or cancel (red ball).

Note: you don’t see the number of participants or the names of other participants. Hobbydeed will tell you if you can’t book a place because it’s full. In this case the event is also marked with a red triangel.

From your account (click your name in the corner and choose settings) you can choose if you want to get a week

ly e-mail reminding you of the timetable. Turn this off if you don’t want to receive such mail. Note that you can choose how you want to see the events (as a list or a calendar, how many weeks, etc.).


NOTE! Some Apple users have had problems with Hobbydeed. This is most likely because they use “private browsing”. If you turn that off, you’ll be able to use Hobbydeed normally. Here’s how to do it.

Booking for a friend

Once your booking is complete, the green (or red if you have cancelled) ball will stay on your screen. This is how you know you have a valid booking. (You do not see how many are coming, you only see the max number).

You cannot book a place for your friend directly, but if you wish to do so, send a message to ilkka.virjo@hontsy.fi. Mention your booking request and the name of your friend. The booking is valid once you have received a confirmation mail.

Hobbydeed also has apps for Android and iOS. They work almost exactly like the website.