Höntsy – the easy way to play ball

Join us and have fun!
Join us and have fun!

Would you like to play floorball, volleyball, basketball, football or other team sports, but don’t know where or with whom? If that’s the case, you have come to the right place!

Höntsy ltd.* is a company that provides ordinary people the opportunity to participate in team sports without the hassle of finding a team. Basically, Höntsy works like the group activities in any fitness centre. You check out the timetable, pick a sport and a time that suits you – and then you play. It’s that easy.
 The idea is to play ball just for fun with random teams – Höntsy is not about serious competitive sports. For the time being, the services are only available for adults.

Obviously, you have to pay for it. Not the first time you participate, though, because 
you can try it for free. Check out the links  via the menu for prices and timetables.

Looking for info about our Volleyball tournaments? Here you go.

For questions contact ilkka.virjo(at)hontsy.fi / 040 5803727.

Join us for fun and get a bit of exercise as well!

*Höntsy is a word in the local dialect of Tampere. Roughly, it means “a playful ballgame with random teams”. It entails that the game is not (too) competitive, not to be taken seriously, everybody is to be given a chance to participate, there can be players of very different skill levels in the same game, no commitment is involved, if the game becomes one-sided you change the teams to even things out. Et cetera. All this and more is baked into the meaning of the word “höntsy”.