Höntsy volleyball tournament info

Höntsy has two types of open-for-all volleyball tournaments. In both types you sign up as an individual, we provide the team for you to play in. Also both types of tournaments have different levels – usually two, upper & lower – sometimes three with a series in between. We guarantee you’ll have a fun day and get to play A LOT of volleyball!

If Höntsy and our volleyball tournaments are a new thing for you, you should tell us about yourself when you sign up. How long have you played, on what level, how often do you play, etc. This is important for us to know in order to place you on the appropriate level and/or team.

All of our tournaments (and other events) are for mixed teams, that is teams can and usually do have both men and women. The net is on men’s height. As for the rules, we play with regular volleyball rules and there are no special rules for men vs. women.

The two types of tournaments are as follows:

1) Table Volleyball. In this tournament type, players are placed in ”divisions” of usually 12 players. Within the division we play a lot of short games, e.g. 11 games to 11 points. Each game is played with different teams.

Our in-house-mathematician has made tables for us so that the teams are made fairly. When there are 12 players, after 11 games each player has played 5 games in the same team with each of the others, and 6 times in the opposing team.After each short game, players get points according to the result. Usually winners get 2 points and the losing team gets 0, however in some cases points are awarded 3/0 or 2/1.

When the decided amount of games have been played, each player has gathered an individual number of points. After the first half of the tournament, players are placed in different final divisions according to how they played during the first half. During the afternoon this process (a lot of short games with different teams) is repeated, and each final division gets an individual winner.

So, you sign up as an individual and also the winners of the tournament are individuals. Furthermore, all table tournaments of the year make up a ”grand slam”.

2) Team tournament

In the other type of tournament you sign up individually and are assigned to a team. Your team stays the same during the whole day. So, even though you sign up as an individual, the winner of the tournament is a team.

Teams are not made up randomly. We know most of the players well, and as for the ones we don’t know, we ask them to describe themselves as players. On the basis of this info we try to divide the players into teams that are as even as possible within the series.

Sign-up links for the tournaments appear on our website about a month before the tournament. They are in Finnish. If you can, you should fill in the sign-up form.

However if you have trouble doing that in Finnish, you can sign up via e-mail to ilkka.virjo@hontsy.fi .When you sign up you should give:

– Your name, e-mail, phone number

– How you wish to pay (on the spot, get a bill via e-mail, Smartum / Virike etc…)

– What level (higher / lower) would you rather play

– If you are new to Höntsy, tell us about your volleyball ”career” and skill level, as much as possible.

You should receive a confirmation e-mail. If you don’t get one, please e-mail us (again). Also you’ll receive a programme for the tournament the evening before.

When you sign up you commit to paying the fee and showing up. It is very important that you show up to the tournament. If for some reason you can’t show up you should tell us immediately. If you get sick the night before, send an SMS in the morning to 040 580 3727.

If you don’t cancel and don’t show up, you commit to paying double the fee as a penalty. (This is because we have to draw up new tables/teams while everyone waits!).

Tournament fee: normal 25 euros, concession 20 euros. (Concession ticket is for students, retirees, etc. and for Höntsy Pass monthly fee holders).