Our Schedule

You can always find our current scehdule in our booking system Digitalbooker at www.varaaheti.fi/hontsy . Choose your sport first and you’ll see the coming games. In normal circumstances, we’ll have the same weekly schedule for each season. 

Right now, circumstances are NOT normal – all games are on a Covid break. 

Some general info about the games:

Volleyball levels:

Basic (perus) = for everybody, although you should leave your hardest serves / spikes at home. In Perus, we try to offer a beginner-friendly game, e.g. if you have trouble serving you can serve from inside the court. If in doubt about your volleyball skills, this is the level where you should start.

Semi = You should know the basic techniques and roles on the court and be able to move accordingly. This is where you should start if you know you know you can play. Within the five weekly semi games, there is one more relaxed (alempi) and one tougher (ylempi) game.

Pro = You should have an idea how to spike and block & know the different roles of the game. Also you should be alert at all times, and try to move and be active also in the roles that are not your best roles on the court. We expect everybody to make an effort all the time, and be able to anticipate what happens. You know all the rules and only rarely break them. You know how to serve, pass, set and spike and you have a  good idea about where you should be on the court. You should try a Semi time first before coming to a Pro time.

Note: for the “pro” games you need to apply separately. You will not be able to book a place in pro before your application has been accepted. 

The sizes of the courts vary, also the number of players per team varies from court to court and according to the number of people attending.

By taking part in the activities, you accept Höntsys rules (link in Finnish). To sum up, the most important rules are: 1) Höntsy does not take insurance for you, you play at your own risk and we recommend an accident insurance; 2) when playing indoors, you must have proper shoes that do not damage the floor (“non marking” soles) and you must not use outdoor shoes; 3) respect other players, give everyone the possibility to actively take part in the game; 4) the instructor (Höntsys representative) has absolute authority and can even throw you out in an extreme case.

Please observe that 1) we guarantee a minimum number of players, usually six, at each and every one of our times – if not, you will be compensated (not applied outdoors when it rains), and 2) there is a maximum number of participants for each game, so that everyone gets to participate enough. There is a booking possibility – booking is not at all obligatory, though, so you can just show up. The games will be arranged every time, regardless of the amount of bookings.

Sports venues / addresses:

We have detailed descriptions of our sports venues (with addresses, map links and pictures!), as well as all other aspects of Höntsy on our web pages. Regrettably, most of this stuff is only in Finnish. If you have any questions whatsoever, you are very welcome to contact me at ilkka.virjo (at) hontsy.fi or 040 5803727.