Our weekly schedule

Here you can find our schedule. Below the programme you can find other info about our games! Also check out main page in English.

Info about May games!

For the forseeable future, everybody will have to take extra care of their hygiene. Wash hands before and after the game! Using hand sanitizer during the game (on breaks) is also recommended. You should avoid touching other players as much as possible. Also, everybody takes care of their own drinks – bring your own water! We will start desinfecting equipment, especially volleyballs.

Most important of all: play only when you are completely healthy! 

Our programme for mid-summer (starting 1st June) will be published soon. Most likely the games can then continue normally. Before that, we have to make some modifications.

In May, following guidelines apply:

  • Booking a place in advance is mandatory for everyone in all games. This way, we can control the number of people showing up. Also this helps us when we need to take decisions about cancelling due to bad weather.
  • Games for May will show up for booking in Hobbydeed tomorrow Wednesday 6th May, around Noon. The games for May will not be shown outside Hobbydeed because of the obligatory booking. This will return to normal in June (then you can come also without a booking and you get to play if there’s room). Note: in May, we will add the games little by little to Hobbydeed, not all at once. We want to avoid a situation where everything until the end of May is instantly fully booked, and then we get lots of cancellations.
  • The first games are for outdoor Volleyball on Thursday 6.30 PM and for football Monday 5 PM in Koivistonkylä artificial grass court.
  • The max number for gatherings is now 10. In football on a large court, we will have two groups with maximum of 10 players (5 on 5) each. It is important that these groups hold their pauses separate, so that we will not form groups larger than 10 even before / after the game or during breaks.
  • In outdoor volleyball, we will similarly have one group per court. Most likely the maximum for this group will be 8 (4 on 4), but we will have a test game tonight. During the test we will also see, if we need some special rules (e.g. for playing near the net) for safety.
  • In football, you are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands or head. Sideline kick as in futsal, and no headers!

Our weekly schedule usually stays the same from week to week during fall, spring, and summer. Between these, there’s always a couple of weeks’ “mixed schedule” with a lot of exceptions. Also, from time to time our games are cancelled e.g. because the school uses the gym for its own event. Getting all of the last-minute changes to a static English schedule has proved to be impossible.

This is why we have switched to showing an embedded Hobbydeed calendar on this page. It should always be up to date, but it is only updated from the Hobbydeed site about once per 24 hours so last-minute changes might not appear here. Thus, we strongly urge everyone to use Hobbydeed for booking and checking the game times, that’s the place for the latest info. (See instructions for booking). We also have a google calendar which you can order to your device from this page.

Regrettably the names of the games are in Finnish, but they are not hard to interpret. See translations below the schedule. Also see some other explanations & info about our games below the programme. If you prefer to look at the traditional style schedule, you can always check the programme in Finnish.

Lentis or lentopallo = volleyball. Ulkolentis = volleyball outdoors. Koripallo = basketball. Jalkapallo = football (futsal = futsal). Sähly or Salibandy = Floorball (without or with rink). Jäähöntsy = ice hockey. Maalivahdit = goalkeepers. Pesäpallo = Finnish Baseball.

+ The plus sign refers to Höntsy passes, the Rahola floorball times are not included in the Basic pass (but are included in all other tickets). Note, Rahola futsal is a regular game, not a plus marked one.

**!Bookings for pro volleyball are from 1st Feb 2020 done in a separate Hobbydeed group (“Höntsy Oy Pro-lentikset”).

Volleyball levels in 2020 (NEW):

Basic (perus) = for everybody, although you should leave your hardest serves / spikes at home. In Perus, we try to offer a beginner-friendly game, e.g. if you have trouble serving you can serve from inside the court. If in doubt about your volleyball skills, this is the level where you should start.

Semi = You should know the basic techniques and roles on the court and be able to move accordingly. This is where you should start if you know you know you can play. Within the five weekly semi games, there is one more relaxed (alempi) and one tougher (ylempi) game.

Pro = You should have an idea how to spike and block & know the different roles of the game. Also you should be alert at all times, and try to move and be active also in the roles that are not your best roles on the court. We expect everybody to make an effort all the time, and be able to anticipate what happens. You know all the rules and only rarely break them. You know how to serve, pass, set and spike and you have a  good idea about where you should be on the court. You should try a Semi time first before coming to a Pro time.

Note: from 7th Jan of 2020, previous “semi ylempi” and “pro” have been combined. January is a transition period. From 1st February 2020, bookings for the “new pro” games will be made in a separate Hobbydeed group (“Höntsy Oy Pro-lentikset”). Anyone can put in a request to join, we have a group of six people who evaluate the requests. We try to make the level in this new group almost the same (but in practise a bit higher) than in the previous “semi ylempi”.

The sizes of the courts vary, also the number of players per team varies from court to court and according to the number of people attending.

By taking part in the activities, you accept Höntsys rules (link in Finnish). To sum up, the most important rules are: 1) Höntsy does not take insurance for you, you play at your own risk and we recommend an accident insurance; 2) when playing indoors, you must have proper shoes that do not damage the floor (“non marking” soles) and you must not use outdoor shoes; 3) respect other players, give everyone the possibility to actively take part in the game; 4) the instructor (Höntsys representative) has absolute authority and can even throw you out in an extreme case.

Please observe that 1) we guarantee a minimum number of players, usually six, at each and every one of our times – if not, you will be compensated (not applied outdoors when it rains), and 2) there is a maximum number of participants for each game, so that everyone gets to participate enough. There is a booking possibility – booking is not at all obligatory, though, so you can just show up. The games will be arranged every time, regardless of the amount of bookings.

Sports venues / addresses:

We have detailed descriptions of our sports venues (with addresses, map links and pictures!), as well as all other aspects of Höntsy on our web pages. Regrettably, most of this stuff is only in Finnish. If you have any questions whatsoever, you are very welcome to contact me at ilkka.virjo (at) hontsy.fi or 040 5803727.