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Pikaopas palloiluun


With us, you can choose if you want to pay for each time separately, or if you want to have a monthly play-as-much-as-you-like payment. When you play regularly , our continuous ticket Höntsypassi is the easiest option, and especially with the 12-month contract it’s the cheapest as well – from 39 €/month. You can also buy single and serial tickets.To try is free for the first visit.

All tickets are available on the spot. You can pay with cash, the usual credit and debit cards (including Visa Electron and Maestro), and with any benefit coupons you may have received from your employer (Liikuntaseteli etc.).

All prices include VAT. A personal ticket (Höntsypassi or a monthly ticket enables you to play as much as you want. A personal ticket requires a photo and cannot be transferred to another person. A non-personal ticket can be used by anyone, so you can e.g. buy a 20-time ticket for the whole family to use together.

With the new Höntsy Pass (from August 2016), floorball times in Rahola have been marked with a plus in our schedule – you have to pay extra to get them included in your pass. The basic pass covers all the other times in our weekly schedule, the Plus pass also includes floorball in Rahola.

Note: single + serial tickets and “old” Höntsy passes can be used in Rahola floorball as before. 

Prices for Höntsy Passes

12 month contract No commitment period
Höntsy Pass Basic 39 €/month 59 €/month
HöntsyPass Plus 49 €/month 69 €/mont

Starting fee for a Pass is 19 euros. This is paid when you order the pass for the first time – or have had it frozen for a longer time (more than three months.

You can order your own Pass when you come play with us! The current month will be billed together with your first full month, and after that the billing occurs monthly (5th day of the month). Requirement for the 12 month contract is that you pay with automated billing via your bank (e-invoice or “suoramaksu”, direct payment).

With the 12 month contract, you cannot freeze or terminate your Pass without a valid reason, such as illness or injury, being pregnant, moving to another town, etc. With a valid reason you can always freeze your Pass. After the 12 month period, your pass will automatically continue month by month.

Without the 12 month contract (or when your 12 months have passed), you can freeze the contract also without a valid reason. In this case, the period must be one or more full calendar months.

When you want to terminate or freeze your Pass, you can do that at the end of the month as long as you inform us until the 10th day of said month.

You can check out the full contract terms (in Finnish) on this page.

Other prices

Regular prices Discounted prices
Single ticket 10€ 8€
5 times, no expiration date 42€ 35€
10 times, valid for 3 months 74€ 60€
20 times, valid for 4 months 135€ n/a

Family Höntsy – prices for children

In our family games, adults pay the normal price as above. An adult can also be paid with two stamps on a child’s serial ticket. Children’s prices are as follows:

10 times 39 €, 5 times 22 €, single ticket 5 €.


Concession tickets

We give large concessions to the unemployed, people over 60, pensioners, people in military or civil service, and students.

As always, if you have any questions about discounts (or anything else) you can contact us at info@hontsy.fi or 040 5803727.