Quick Start Guide to Höntsy

Höntsy arranges team sport games that are open to all adults* in the Tampere region. The idea is similar to aerobics classes etc.: you check out our schedule, pick your game, reserve a spot and then you can play against payment (first time is free, though). Here’s how you can start your games at Höntsy:

  • First time is free, so you can check out our prices later. After your first time you can purchase any of the tickets on the spot when you come to play. Online, you can order the monthly Höntsy pass – or you can buy single / serial tickets within our booking system. 
  • Check out available games in our booking system at www.varaaheti.fi/hontsy .
  • Pick your game and reserve a spot. (Reserving a spot is not obligatory, you can just show up, but we strongly recommend it. On one hand, the most popular games are often full. On the other hand – e.g. if there’s bad weather – the games have a minimum required number of participants. When you book a spot, you get an SMS and an e-mail if the game is cancelled for any reason). 
  • Note that in indoor volleyball, there are different levels of game. You can find descriptions here. If you are unsure, start at the basic level (”perus”). 
  • The booking system shows the price of a single ticket, but you can book a spot without paying. Your first time is free also when you have booked a place in the game. 
  •  On this page you can find info of the sports venues. Regrettably, they are only in Finnish, but you should still check it out – there’s a map link and pictures about e.g. what door to use. (Often the entrance to a school gym in the evening is not through the front door). 
  • Then just show up and play! What do you need to have with you?  In indoor games, you need to have non-marking shoes. It’s also a good idea to bring a water bottle and maybe a towel. Most other stuff (such as a floorball stick, baseball glove / bat) you can borrow if you don’t have one of your own. In ice hockey you need to have your own gear (skates + stick or full gear depending on the game).  

  • Welcome!